In 2005, a series of hurricanes decimated the then-crumbling commercial nursery that had stood for nearly 3 decades at 5926 Fearnley Rd. The next several years were spent nurturing the land into an organic state free of chemicals, while also planting crops that would naturally thrive without pesticides and other harmful agricultural practices. 

            During the rehabilitation process, we experimented with a variety of flora from all over the world, and through trial and error, discovered a plethora of plants that grow and thrive in the Florida soil and climate with very little intervention. In the midst of these efforts, we came upon the sublime Hibiscus Sabdariffa, which ultimately became our farm’s most beloved source of wine. Suddenly it became a frequent favorite of everyone from local farmers, to elite chefs, to pop stars, and its popularity spread purely by word-of-mouth, allowing the art of fashioning refreshments to become a full-time venture in 2013. 

            We then realized that ourselves and others deserved to have a non-alcoholic alternative that was just as carefully and lovingly crafted as the wine that we served.  And thus we started producing and refining Kombucha, an amazingly healthy fermented black tea frequently consumed in both Eastern Europe and Asia.  The result was a sparkling, crystal clear, and surprisingly refined drink that conjures up an elegant and festive experience for all those who imbibe. 

            But much more important to all of us than the beautiful consequences of this adventure so far, has been the ability to create a culture of community, love, and cooperation. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to share the experience of seeing this dream come to fruition with numerous employees and volunteers who poured their sweat and soul into the soil on which we all now reverently stand as we contemplate the best that’s yet to come.